Do amor que gera paz que é felicidade: we just lay our heads down in the same place and enjoy each other when we do.

- And I think we should get a place together and move in.
- [Chuckles]
- Why not?
- Why would we move in together?
- 'Cause I'm tired of living in a shithole SRO, and you're tired of sleeping on your roommate's sofa, for starters. I like being anywhere near you. It doesn't make me unhappy. I can't imagine living with anyone else that wouldn't make me go out of my fucking mind in two weeks but you.
- Eh.
- Eh.
- This is so romantic. I mean, one more double negative and I'll just fall straight into your arms, Vin.
- See?
- See what?
- You, with the smart-ass. I always knew I should get with a girl who's smarter than me. I'd be bored otherwise. Also, you're beautiful. I mean, like, you're the most beautiful woman I ever been with, but you've always known that, so I don't know. It's no fucking fun telling you that part.
- So, um, this new place of ours?
- Yeah?
- Does it mean we don't see other people? We get real possessive and we start living like a sad-shit married couple arguing over who takes out the garbage?
- I take out the garbage. All right, look, you wanna fuck somebody, fuck somebody. Same goes for me. No questions asked, all right? Nobody owns anybody. We just lay our heads down in the same place and enjoy each other when we do.
- [Laughing] You take the garbage out.
- Yeah, that's what I said. 

No The Deuce (ou, quando digo que ando a ver uma série sobre prostituição e o nascimento da pornografia e, logo de seguida, tenho de referir a brilhante interpretação do James Franco e da Maggie Gyllenhaal para não me julgarem uma pervertida.)

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