But it's still the eyes we look at, isn't it?


I saw you again, it felt like we had never met
It's like the sun set in your eyes and never wanted to rise
And what have you done with the one I love?
When I look into your eyes, I see no surprise

I always thought it was sad
The way we act like strangers
After all that we had
We act like we had never met

We make believe, I've never seen your face, you neither me
You catch my eye, I'll register a smile
You were more than just a friend, oh the feeling
It never came to an ending, I can't bear to see you

I always thought it was a shame
That we have to play these games
It felt like you really knew me
Now it feels like you see through me

When I see you again
I'll know not to expect
Stay one step away
We won't have to wait

When I see you again
And I'm greeted as a friend
It is understood
That we did all we could.

2 comentários:

Nikkita disse...

Uma da minhas músicas preferidas dos XX. :)

Marisa disse...

Bom gosto. :-)